First Black Bachelortte

I’m so happy! Last night, news broke on Jimmy Kimmel that there’s finally going to be a black Bachelorette.  I’ve only just started getting into the Bachelor/The Bachelorette. The first season that I’ve ever seen is Ben’s season. Next season’s Bachelorette is Rachel L. Lindsay, a 31-year-old lawyer from Texas. I had high hopes for…

Riverdale: Season 1 Episode 2: A Touch of Evil

Archie pleads with Ms Grundy to come forward with what they heard; Cheryl deals with the pressure of Jason’s death; Jughead stumbles upon Archie’s secret. Archie is shirtless again. I get it. He’s hot and sex sells, but I’m really sick of watching shows and movies and having the guy be shirtless in every scene….