Is Jughead Asexual?


There’s something that has been bothering me for a while. A while ago in the show, Riverdale, a character, Jughead, kissed Betty. If you don’t know, Riverdale is based on the Archie comics. But this show is based off a brand new one called The Road to Riverdale. In that comic, Jughead is asexual. Asexuality is when a person is “without sexual feelings or associations.” Here’s my thing, Jughead is a sophomore in high school. Things change. No one’s sexuality is set in stone. Especially in high school. Jughead kissed Betty. Kissed. He didn’t have sex with her. Are people who are asexual not allowed it kiss others?

Cole Sprouse said in Teen Vogue “The entirety of season 1 sets the pace for a character’s narrative arc,” he says. “Because of the fluidity of sexuality and how oftentimes a person discovers who they are after a series of events – like those told in our origin stories – this is an ongoing conversation.” High school is about figuring out who you are. Keep in mind, this is the first season. The FIRST SEASON. Riverdale has been renewed for a second season, so we’re bound to see Jughead identify as asexual. But until then, he’s still figuring things out and we’ll get to it when we do. Cole also says, “I hope that huge corporations like the CW recognize that this kind of representation is rare and severely important to people who resonate with it,” he says, “That demands representation. It would be a wonderful thing if that were the case.”

I hope that I haven’t offended anyone. As an African-American woman, I am all about representation. This is just something that’s been on my mind for a while.


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