Worst TV Show Characters

Elena Gilbert: The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert is one of the worst characters on TV. There is literally, nothing special about her. She’s whiny and she always seems to be in trouble. Her friends drop whatever they were doing to go and help her and when this happens people end up getting hurt, almost killed, or they die. Also, she doesn’t deserve Stephan or Damon.  She should have stayed dead. The best season is seasons 6 because she’s not in it.

Ted Mosby: How I Met Your Mother

Ted thinks that every girl he meets is “The One”. News flash hon, they weren’t. He’s way too much of a romantic. He took way too long to actually tell us how he met their mother. And in the end, he only told that story so that he could get permission from his kids to date Robin.

Olivia Pope: Scandal

In the beginning, I thought that Olivia was a badass. But as the show goes on, it doesn’t seem like Olivia is able to make good decisions when it comes to her love life.  The fact that she actually thought that she should have a relationship with the President of the United States and not get caught is mind-boggling.

Fitzgerald Grant: Scandal 

He’s a giant baby and a horny fucking bastard. It’s either his way or no way. If he didn’t have Cyrus, the whole country would have gone to shit. Plus, he actually thought that he could move Olivia into the White House and still have the respect of the American people? No. Mistresses don’t belong in the White House. He’s also possessive and gets upset that Olivia starts dating Jake. Why do you care? You’re married. Just kill him off already. 

Lorelei Gilmore and Rory Gilmore: Gilmore Girls

These 2 are the worst. They talk way too fast and they don’t like to deal with their problems. The Netflix revival sucked and we could have lived without it. Lorelei never seems to pay for her food at Luke’s She’s cruel to her own mother for no reason. She compared her mother to Stalin. Who does that? All Emily wants is to have a good relationship with her granddaughter. Is that too much to ask? Rory puts on this good girl act and takes advantage of her mom just because there aren’t any rules. Not only that, but she went and had sex with an ex-boyfriend when he was married.  She had an affair with Logan when he was engaged. Then there was Paul. Paul! She was dating him for 2 years and kept forgetting that she was dating him and forgetting to break-up with him. How is that possible?

Joffrey Baratheon: Game of Thrones

No explanation needed. Such a little shit.

Daenerys Targaryen: Game of Thrones

Mother of Dragons my ass. She can’t even control her dragons. She throws around her title so much that it’s starting to lose it’s meaning. She, like everyone else in the show, thinks that they’re entitled to the throne. Right. Okay.  News flash: none of them deserve the throne. She was a badass the first few seasons, but I’m over her and I cringe every time she appears on the screen.  Y’all want to say the Jon Snow knows nothing? No honey. Daenerys knows nothing.

Alison DiLarenres: Pretty Little Liars

I don’t understand why the girls in the show worshiped her. She was such a bitch, manipulative, and the worst friend ever. Calling Hanna, Hefty Hanna is not what a best friend is supposed to do.

Clay Jensen: 13 Reasons Why

He’s the fucking whitest boy ever. He’s literally the most boring character in the whole show and took way too long to listen to the tapes. He started interfering with every problem that arises. It’s not your problem dude. There were 2 moments when his meddling was okay but other than that, he should have left it alone. And, he really didn’t deserve to be on the tapes. Plus, he always looks like he’s constipated.








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